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Jin Akanishi's Fan Event at The Grammy Museum 1/6/12
Jin Akanishi Rescue
Here are some pics and vids:

dl link:

*Update: I've attached the dl link for the last vid. It's the vid of jin singing eternal.
I'll still try to find time to write the report, I'm sure people have written theirs by now. bare with me. :)


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Thanks so much! I really liked the one tht keep freezing! it froze in some of the funniest places lol

haha I know. everyone kept laughing. :)

Thanks for sharing!! I was wondering if you'll also put download links for the videos *gets shot* xDDD

I will. I'm still uploading vids... I have 3 more. then I'll post dl links. one vid isn't uploading onto photobucket b/c it's 9mins long. do you know where else I can upload it too?

Besides youtube and megavideo, I don't really know others... You can also try and the last resort can be google.videos lol

I can't wait for the rest though <3<3

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