Jin Akanishi's Fan Event at The Grammy Museum 1/6/12
Jin Akanishi Rescue
Here are some pics and vids:


dl link:


*Update: I've attached the dl link for the last vid. It's the vid of jin singing eternal.
I'll still try to find time to write the report, I'm sure people have written theirs by now. bare with me. :)


video clip of jin's fan event at grammy museum
Jin Akanishi Rescue
Here's a clip from PK's youtube channel of fans dancing to Jin's song Sun Burns Down(I'm in it too! haha):


Jin Akanishi Rescue
Having a baby is hard work and I've had a hard time updating and writing reports. Luckily there are other fans that have written reports! I went to the fan event @ The Grammy Museum yesterday and I haven't had time to post or write reports. I just remembered I haven't posted a fan report on the Beverly Center Fan meeting! I'll try to at least post pics and vids of the event yesterday. :)

Jin on UTB 11/12/11
Jin Akanishi Rescue
UTB showed a clip of Jin at the 11/8/11 event at the Beverly Center on 11/12/11.

Jin Akanishi's Fan Conference at The Beverly Center 11/8/11
Jin Akanishi Rescue
Sorry it's taken so long for me to post the pics and vids of the conference. I'll post the report later.

Here are the pics and vids:


The vid of the whole conference wouldn't upload to photobucket, maybe because the file is too big. I'll try it on youtube.

*Update: Article of an interview with Jin about the event:


Jin 11/5 UTB
Jin Akanishi Rescue
I know it has taken me awhile to put this up and you've seen other people put this up already, but I just figured since I already recorded this, might as well upload it. :)

Here is Jin's interview on UTB on 11/5/11! :

Here is the megaupload:


Kollaboration 11/5/11 report
Jin Akanishi Rescue
I'm back from a long day in LA for the Kollaboration show. I just want to say...I hate LA traffic!

This is my first full report, it's 1am and I'm tired. I hope I make sense and I don't leave anything out.

I go to LA around 4:30pm. I was in front of the line of one of the doors at Nokia Theater @ 6pm. I signed up for the lounge when I went in. 3 jin fans that I was with and I went down the escalator knowing that the red carpet was there on the 1st floor. We were at the front of the ropes behind media staff. The red carpet was in front of them. A media girl in front of us told us that Jin was coming out at 6:40pm, she was working for G.NA, the celebrity performer. There weren't that many Jin fans, maybe around 8...other Jin fans probably didn't know where the red carpet was. When Jin came out we all shouted his name and the media girl helped me take pics of Jin. :) I took the video and recorded him the whole time. At the end, I was right behind him and no one was around me...I think people had lost him. haha...I didn't. :)

We went in to get our seats. Then I saw Jin seated at the orchestra section next to the aisle. He was 5 rows behind me! :) I went there and took pics. He was filling out a form they gave him...probably for all the judges to fill out. He said that he didn't have a pen...a girl next to me that I met said here is a pen and gave it to him. I wished I had a pen to give him...oh well. :( oh, media was taking pics of us when we were taking pics of jin. haha Then staff told us to go to our seats.

I went to my seat. I was near the center in the pit seats on the 2nd row. :) A while into the show, they introduced the judges. I guess the judges went backstage at one point during the show, so when they introduced them, they came out from backstage and walked to their seat. During the whole show, Jin wore his green beanie and sunglasses. :( Idk why he would still wear sunglasses indoors!

Fans started to go to Jin after he came back from intermission. I went there but was too late, staff told us to go back. :(

At the end of the show, the competitors came on stage and the celebrity judges, including Jin. They announced the winner and that was it. The judges and Jin left the stage and disappeared. :(

Why didn't they at least have Jin say something? :( And that was it. I didn't go to the after party...I had to go home to my baby. :) Hopefully someone will report back and take pics of the after party. :)

Here are the pics:


Jin Akanishi at the Beverly Center!!
Jin Akanishi Rescue
Jin will be at the Beverly Center on 11/8 @ 7pm for his release of his single "Test Drive feat Jason Derulo". The first 50 fans in line will have a meet and greet with Jin and an autograph. Isn't that awesome or what?! yeah! :) I'm going but I doubt I'd be one of the 50. I bet there will be a huge line!

I'll post a report and pics as soon as I get back home tuesday night. I'll tweet while I'm there! :)

Check here for more info:


UTB Interview with Jin Akanishi!
Jin Akanishi Rescue
Jin's interview is on Saturday 11/5/11 @8pm on Yorucli channel 18.2 UTB! Finally the start of clips of Jin again on UTB! I hope I'll be able to record them! I will record this one tommorrow...so look forward to my post! I probably won't post till sunday 11/6 depending on if I go to Kollaboration's after party or not.

Here are some pics of UTB's magazine with the announcement of Jin's interview:

Jin Akanishi Rescue
Jin's a guest jugde at Kollaboration on 11/5 at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles! I love Kollaboration and Jin will be there! yay! Last year Kollaboration was on TV on channel 18(http://www.la18.tv/), but I hope they will be on TV again so Jin can be too!

I want to still go but I still can't find a person that's going so I don't have to go by myself. :(

There will be an after party too! you can purchase the tickets on their site.

There is also a contest to win tickets to the event. The winners will be announced 11/1.

Here the info:
Kollaboration Los Angeles
‎Jin Akanishi is holding a special giveaway for a chance to win a pair of Premium Orchestra tickets for our Kollaboration LA show this Saturday! Simply become a fan of Jin on Facebook and enter on their "Jin Akanishi Kollaboration Sweepstakes" page! https://www.facebook.com/JinAk​anishiMusic?sk=app_17621738575​7369

Here are some links for Kollaboration:

ticket info: http://kollaboration2011.eventbrite.com/

I'm going to Kollaboration tomorrow! I met 2 girls and are Jin fans and are attending the show! :) I'll post a report and hopefully pictures! :)


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